Invited Articles, Non-Refereed, and Book Chapters

Invited Articles, Non-Refereed, and Book Chapters

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“There are reasons not to fear fiscal deficits and central bank financing” (with Scott Fullwiler). The Business Times, 30 June 2020.  Op-ed.


“Confronting Asia’s rising inequality. Policy options” (with C. Rhee, J. Zhuang, and R. Kanbur). In Ravi Kanbur, Changyong Rhee and Juzhong Zhuang (eds), Inequality in Asia and the Pacific. Trends, drivers and policy implications, pp. 79-99. Routledge.


“The right business environment.” Development and Cooperation. Volume 40, No. 6: 244-246.

“How Sound are the Foundations of the Aggregate Production Function?” (With JSL McCombie). In The Oxford Handbook of Post-Keynesian Economics, Volume 2: Critiques and Methodology (eds. G.C. Harcourt and Peter Kriesler).


“Inclusive Growth: Why is it important for developing Asia?” Cadmus. Vol.1, Issue 4 (April): 36-58.


“A Reassessment of the use of Unit Labor Costs as a tool for competitiveness and policy analyses in India” (with Utsav Kumar). Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLVI, No. 40 (October): 66-70.

Product Space: ¿Qué nos dice sobre las oportunidades de crecimiento y transformación estructural del Africa subsahariana? (with Arnelyn Abdon). Fundación Ideas. Discussion Paper.

“That Elixir called Productivity: Implications for Singapore.” Ethos, Issue 9 (June):35-41.


“On Accounting Identities, Simulation Experiments and Aggregate Production Functions: A Cautionary Tale for (Neoclassical) Growth Theorists” (with John McCombie). Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Growth (ed. Mark Setterfield), p. 189-207. Northampton: Edward Elgar.

“Inclusive Growth Through Full Employment: The Role of Investment and Industrial Policy.” In Juzhong Zhuang (ed.), Poverty, Inequality and Inclusive Growth in Asia: Measurement, Policy Issues, and Country Studies. Anthem Press.

“Asia y la crisis global: perspectivas de recuperacion y futuro” (“Asia and the Global Crisis: Recovery Prospects and the Future”). Claves de la Economia Mundial.

“Asia and the Global Crisis: Recovery Prospects and the Future” (English version)


“A Plea to Pakistan: Fix your economy” (with Juan Miranda). Far Eastern Economic Review, January/ February: 41-44.


“Production Function” (with Aashish Mehta). International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, 2nd edition: 508-512.

“Aggregation (Production)” (with Franklin M. Fisher). In Steven N. Durlauf and Lawrence Blume (eds.) The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics. Second Edition. Palgrave Macmillan.

“What Can the Labor Demand Function Tell Us About Wages and Employment? The Case of the Philippines ” (with JSL McCombie). In Janine Berg and David Kucera (eds), In Defence of Labour Market Institutions: Cultivating Justice in the Developing World, pp.119-149. Palgrave Macmillan.


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“Supply-side Disaggregation and Growth in an East-Asian Model System: Methodological Considerations-An Application to Malaysia.” En F. Gerard Adams and Takeshi Katsuhara (eds.), Industrial Policy, Background and Implications, pp. 207-221. Kitakyushu (Japan): The International Center for the Study of East Asian Development. July 1994.